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Drive System Explorer Software

DSE is the programming, monitoring and diagnostic software
platform for SSD drives. Thanks to the on-line help, users can
achieve the optimum drive configuration without the need to
navigate through complicated parameter menus. Advanced
programming is carried out through a set of pre-engineered
templates in order to create the required configuration. It is
possible to monitor every parameter of the drive either as a
digital value or as a function in the "chart recorder" during
normal operation.
While the drive is in running mode the oscilloscope function
allows ‘‘on-line’’ monitoring of selected parameters and
the recording of trends. Using straightforward block
programming, DSE allows the user to create, parameterize
and configure user defined applications thanks to function
blocks dedicated to speed control, inputs, outputs, ramps,
winder functions, PID, diameter calculator, and more.
Groups of function blocks can be combined into macros for
more complex programs.
There are three levels of DSE software available.
DSE Lite is provided as a free download, and is a fully
functional package for drive programming, configuration,
status monitoring, and diagnosis.
DSE Development software adds the capability to
create and edit projects using AC890 with Firewire
DSE Runtime allows the user to edit projects using AC890
with Firewire communications, but not create new ones.

For users of DSD software who wish to migrate to the DSE
platform, we offer upgrade packages for both development and
runtime versions of that product.

System Requirements

• Windows Vista® or Windows® XP, Home or Professional
Edition operating system

• 100Mb of free hard disk space
• USB port for connecting to an AC890 or AC890PX drive
• Serial port for connecting to AC650V, AC690+, DC590+,
or legacy drives

Drive System Designer (DSD)

DSD software is a package used to configure LINK systems.
It employs a graphical interface and configurable function
blocks that offer unlimited, interconnectable control
schemes to create the desired configuration. Starting from
a simple diagram of the line, machine, or process, the user
can set the various parameters (line speed, tension, etc.) and
functions (winder, taper, dancer, etc.) for each motor.























Realtidsdata med diagram- och oscilloskopsfunktioner






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