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Compax3 Series Servo Drives & Drive/Controllers

With its high performance and modular design, the Compax3 family of industrial servodrives and drive/controllers offers a new level of servo performance and flexibility. The modular structure of the Compax3 family allows options such as intelligent motioncontrollers, communication interfaces and industry standard motor feedback. In addition, numerous expansion options can be added to the standard product in order to optimize thecapabilities required for today’s demanding servo applications. The family is offered in two variations: standalone (C3S and C3H)
and a DC bussed multi-axis version (C3M).

Compax3 Common Features:
• Available in both 120/240 VAC and 480 VAC input versions
• Integrated safety: Compliant to EN954-1 Category 3 safety
• Current output from 2.5 A (rms) continuous to 155 A (rms) continuous
• Flexible communication options including: ETHERNET Powerlink,
DeviceNet, CANopen, Profibus, TCP/IP, RS-232 (3-wire), or RS-485
  (2- or 4-wire)
• Easy-to-use wizardsbased configuration and programming via
  C3 ServoManager™ software package

• Flexible feedback options including: resolver, incremental encoder,
  Heidenhain Endat 2.1 (single/multi-turn), Stegmann Hiperface™
  (single/multi-turn), SinCos® high-resolution, hall-only
• Internal regeneration circuitry; external resistor connections for additional
  power dissipation
• Full diagnostic, tuning and 4-channel oscilloscope tools provided in the 
  standard C3 ServoManager™ software
• Software input simulation
• Auto-load identification (auto-tuning)
• CE (EMC & LVD), UL and cUL recognized

SinCos® and Hiperfaceare trademarks of Sick-Stegmann, Inc.


Single-axis Compax3 S and Compax3 H

For maximum application solving capability, the Compax3 is offered in two single-axis families, low power and high power. Low power applications include semiconductor, solar, packaging, printing, welding, test and measurement, and medical. High power applications include hydraulic application replacement, injection molding, and printing and converting. Each family shares a common control interface so virtually every feature is familiar between the two families.

C3S Low-Medium Power

Direct mains operation
• Integrated mains filtering
• STO (Safe Torque Off)
• SS1 (Safe Stop 1)
• 1Ø 230/240 VAC (1.0 kVA to 2.5 kVA)
• 3Ø 230/240 VAC (4.0 kVA to 6.0 kVA)
• 3Ø 400/480 VAC (1.25 kVA to 25.0 kVA)

C3H High Power

• Direct mains operation
• Integrated mains filtering
• 3Ø 400/480 VAC (35 kVA to 109 kVA)




Multi-axis Compax3 M

To maximize cost savings, the Compax3 is offered in a multi-axis variant, the C3M. The C3M drives take advantage of a common
power supply and share a braking resistor, capacitance and a mains filter. In addition to the benefits of the overall Compax3 family, the multi-axis C3M offers the smallest footprint for multi-axis installations. All the drives are programmable and configurable via a common programming interface over USB.

C3M Multi-axis Features

• Commons mains module
• Common mains filtering
• Common braking resistor
• Common capacitor bank
• Centralized programming interface (USB)
• Compliant to EN954-1 Category 3 safety
  – STO (Safe Torque Off)
  – SS1 (Safe Stop 1)


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