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Tension Control
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Tension Control
Produkter, tjänster och lösningar

Montalvo Load Cells

Our Output will improve your output

Do you know the exact tension in your moving web?
Only load cells provide the accurate, repeatable tension measurement you need to monitor and control your web processing.




Load Cells for Dead Shaft Idler Rollers

ES-Series Extended Sensitivity Idler Roller Load Cells

The idler shaft version provides safe, secure support of a
dead shaft idler roll. Available in a variety of load ranges,
three mounts and two body sizes

 Load Cells for Live Roller


U-Series Under Pillow Block Load Cells

U-Series are used in conjunction with pillow block mounted bearings and a shaft to create a durable and precise tension roll that’s easy to install. With an IP67 rating the U-Series offers an extreme level of protection and performance for applications in wet, dusty, chemical, corrosive or other harsh environments



i4 Tension Indicator

The new i4 allows for tension indication anywhere along a web
where load cells are present. Features include push button calibration and zero-ing, 24Voperation, automatic fault detection, remote calibration and graphical monitoring of load cell input. The compact, dust proof enclosurehas a large, easy to read digital display.

A4 Digital Amplifer Modules

The A4 combines simplicity and functionality
in a small enclosure. It’s compatible with all
Montalvo load cells and most other load cells

M- Series Analog Amplifier Modules

Available in 5 versions to meet load cell gauge type, voltage and adjustment/measuring properties.

Load Cells for Special Applications / Installations



X-Series Load Cells

X Series load cells are designed for applications utilizing cantilever rollers or pulleys. Ideal for narrow web applications or applications running wire, filaments, rope or other types of single strands. X Series are built to either support your current rollers or pulleys or come with the roller/pulley you specify.

Custom roller options, two mounting styles and Montalvo’s renown Extra Sensitive load cell technology make the X a perfect choice for the narrowest of webs.


N-Series Cantilever Load Cells

Designed for single side frame machines such as label, film, foil and tape, or those commonly found in high-tech & pharmaceutical applications. Montalvo's N-Series Cantilever Load Cells provide superior resolution to detect the slightest changes in tension creating one of the most sensitive, performance driven stand alone load cells in the industry.

It's all about ouput...

Brakes, Clutches & Related Products for Any Web Application



V-Series High-Performance Single Disc Brakes

Montalvo’s V-Series brakes feature industry-standard high heat dissipation friction discs
combined with all-new patented “no-tools” friction modules for quick and easy pad
changes. From ? exible packaging, to paper, to corrugated, the V250, V300, V400, V500 and V600 sizes offer the application range necessary for virtually any web process. Available in a variety of con? gurations, these brakes are easy to install. They are ideal for installing on new equipment as well as for retro? tting existing unwind stands. For extra heat capacity, all V-Series brakes are available with an integral cover and cooling fan.


HP-Series  High-Performance Dual Disc Brakes

Montalvo HP-Series pneumatic tension brakes are the result of years of innovative design, engineering excellence and renown customer service in the converting industry. The HP is the benchmark for performance in all applications from board to tissue. Choose from a wide torque range of 0.23 to over 5762 Nm. Shaft bores are custom milled from 35 to 115 mm. Three types of friction pad/module designs are available.



Standard-Series   Dual Disc Brakes

The Standard Series is Montalvo’s innovative and original pneumatic tension brake. With its multiple range, high thermal capacity and compact design it has dominated the industry. Choose from a wide torque range of 0.23 to over 2260 Nm. Custom milled for shafts from 20 to 125 mm. Three types of friction pad/module designs are available.


Genuine Montalvo
Friction Pads

Friction Modules
and Parts

Safety Covers
Mounting Plates



CS-Series  Compact Single Disc Brakes and Clutches

CS-Series brakes and clutches are the cost-effective choice in light/medium duty tension
control applications such as tag and label manufacturing,
lm manufacturing, slitter/
exo printing and non-wovens/textiles. CS-Series are available in 100 and 130
sizes with multiple range control. The friction module may be assembled in a
variety of con
gurations and may be purchased individually and used in
conjunction with customer supplied discs.



CD-Series  Compact Dual Disc Brakes and Clutches

The CD-Series is a compact version of Montalvo's industry-standard, air-cooled dual disc brake design. Perfect for narrow web and similar light to medium-duty applications. The brakes are available in three sizes (100, 130 and 190) and the clutches are available in two sizes (100 and 130). Modules are con? gurable to meet
customer torque speci?cations.



HPS-Series  High-Performance Single Disc Brakes and Clutches

The HPS is the high-performance partner to the HP Series. It is a low-inertia, single disc design that offers advanced performance characteristics. Each size HPS is equal in performance to the same size Standard-Series dual disc brake. Available in sizes 6, 8, and 10, they offer modular design and interchangeable parts for ? exibility, easy installation, setup, and maintenance


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