MGV Höghastighetsmotor för testriggar – Parker Hannifin

Motor Höghastighet MGV Parker

The MGV motors are brushless synchronous servomotors with permanent magnets specially designed for applications that require high speeds and low inertias.

For qualification process MGV motors can be used in many automotive or aeronautical component test rigs (diesel engine, starters, pumps, alternators, gearboxes...).

Highly responsive with exceptional dynamic performance, MGV motors are ideally suited to the needs of simulation testing: speed in urban cycle or motor racing, speed acyclism of an internal combustion engine, etc...


  • High maximum speeds avoid the need for mechanical gearing

  • Low inertia allows very fast acceleration/deceleration

  • Constant power operation (field weakening mode) above nominal speed removes the requirement to oversize the drive

  • Water cooling ensures compact size and low noise operation

  • High dynamic capabilities allow the operating conditions of the tested product to be accurately reproduced

  • Compactness

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